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The Online Black Box.

The vitality of theater comes to a dynamic online experience. From process to performance, you have a ticket to exciting new plays written directly for streaming.

As a theater lover, you can dive deep into what makes your favorite works of drama tick, with interviews and special content from top artists in the field.

Dim the lights. Be inspired and entertained.

  • Rehearsal Room & Extras
    2 videos — 2 extras

    Rehearsal Room & Extras

    2 videos — 2 extras

    How does an idea become a story? How does a character become a performance? And how does a British person pronounce "Claire?"

    Everybody has a different answer in the Rehearsal Room.

  • The Bitch of Amherst and other plays

    1 season

    A series of plays about historic female writing geniuses behaving badly.

  • FIRST WORLD problem

    2 seasons

    The show that was made up as it was shot. All improvised and captured documentary-style, "FWp" blurs the definition of "web series," with a collection of fragments, episode arcs, and a feature film. The actors and director went outside and pressed "record."

    The result is a darkly comic look at...