Thirdwing - Love the Moment

The Online Black Box, now streaming.

From Playhouse 90 in the 50's to the BBC filmed play productions in the 80's, the thrilling immediacy of theater has found its way to viewers who can't always make it out to see a production. Out of this process emerged a unique blend of theater's vitality and cinema's romance.

We are revitalizing this kind of experience uniquely for the way we watch now. Thirdwing brings you exciting new plays written directly for streaming, and opens the door to the entire creative process. Ideas become characters, characters become performances.

We hope to inspire as much as we entertain.

Also included are exclusive digital series "Dinner With Mom," by playwright Lynn N. Silver, and the boundary-pushing "First World Problem," an experimental series improvised by the actors and presented in fragments, which culminate in Thirdwing's first feature film.

  • Rehearsal Room & Extras
    2 videos — 2 extras

    Rehearsal Room & Extras

    2 videos — 2 extras

    How does an idea become a story? How does a character become a performance? And how does a British person pronounce "Claire?"

    Everybody has a different answer in the Rehearsal Room.

  • The Genius Project

    1 season

    A series of plays about historic female writing geniuses behaving badly.

  • Dinner With Mom

    1 season

    Digital series by playwright, Lynn N. Silver.

    How many people are in your relationship? If your mom is Mrs. Gold, the answer is three.

  • FIRST WORLD problem

    2 seasons

    The show that was made up as it was shot. All improvised and captured documentary-style, "FWp" blurs the definition of "web series," with a collection of fragments, episode arcs, and a feature film. The actors and director went outside and pressed "record."

    The result is a darkly comic look at...